Preparing for the big Star Trek Experience Warehouse Sale!

Well, it is 11:00 and we just got back from a 13 hour day preparing for the big Star Trek: The Experience Warehouse Sale this Saturday. It was a VERY long day, but many ex-Experience employees and members of the USS Las Vegas (the biggest Star Trek fan club in Las Vegas) helped us a ton and we are way ahead of schedule getting ready for Saturday.

There are a ton of photos of what we have for sale (and some of what we are taking for the August auction) HERE. So if you can’t make it and really want something, please call me at 404-918-1701.

I can tell you we have two complete TNG bridge sets, one of which we are keeping for the August auction, another that we are selling Saturday.

The TNG Captain’s chair

Helm and Nav bridge chairs

Here are some of the bridge pieces available

We also have a TON of translights, of every size. We are only taking a few for the auction. Also, we are selling the “History of the Future” translights that many of you saw when you first enter the Experience. They are all for sale this Saturday.

And more translights!

An AMAZING retail counter!

Cardassian Exit signs from the Promenade and Experience logo glass panels

Borg Alcoves (we have 2 for Saturday) and soem cool display cases

AMAZING custom made store fixtures

TNG Bridge Wall Panels

This is the ONLY chair from the Klingon Attack ride that was ever created by itself (All the rest were attached in rows) and this is for sale Saturday!

And then we have all 3 ships available for sale! The Enterprise A, Voyager and the Klingon Bird of Prey (but all need some tender loving care and restoration).

PLUS! We have AWESOME< Paramount-made TNG and First Contact costumes for sale! Alec

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