So here is the second part of the Propworx Star Trek Auction II review.  This time we analyze the prop sales.  
Now, overall, Star Trek props have settled into a nice rhythm.  We tend to know the ranges of most items, and none of them are too pricey, except when you deal with ship models and most of those aren’t coming back up for sale.
While not technically a prop, Lot 45, the Excelsior Study model, was a beautiful piece and from the Okudas personal collection.  At $ 1,400 it was a pretty good buy in my book.
There were a bunch of weapons in this auction and they all went at reasonable prices.
The TNG Cobrahead Phaser at $ 1,800 was about right.  I am not sure if there is any perceived difference between a light weight roto-cast resin Phaser and a heavier one, but I think all of these type of Phaser in the $ 1,500 – 2,000 range is pretty standard now.
The Nemesis Dolphin Phaser at $ 2,000 proves this too.  We don’t see many of this type of Phaser and I won this for my personal collection (the only item I really wanted!).  If you are a Starfleet weapon completest like I am, I think you will find this one of the harder ones to obtain.
The First Contact Phaser Rifle was production made but never screen used.  Still, it hit a strong $ 4,000, which is because this was the type of rifle that Picard used in his scene in his ready room with Lillie.  This one is fully lighted and so a great display piece.
The rubber Klingon DIsruptor at $ 1,600 was about right.  This is the iconic Klingon disruptor weapon.  If you collect weapons, one of these needs to be in your collection.  SO I think, even with Buyer’s Premium, this is a good deal at under $ 2,000.
The Enterprise version continues not to do well, as this one only hit $ 1,000 with a holster.  This is surprising and I see some good potential in these long term.  I have one and think if you collect Klingon Weapons, you need one of these.  So buy now while prices are low.
The Bajoran Pistol was a rubber stunt I picked up at last year’s Profiles in History auction for $ 500 and got $ 750 here.  So I was happy as I had recently won a resin one from Profiles.  I am not big on having to have a hero prop for my weapon collection, but I do want resin over rubber, and so was happy to upgrade here and make a couple bucks.

The Cardassian Phaser was a beauty and at $ 1,200 pretty fairly priced.  These display very well and so I think the winner got a nice piece.
Other weapon prices:
Ferengi Phaser $ 700
Tellarte Pistol $ 300
Son’a Shotgun $ 400
Buster Kincaid Ray Gun $ 1,400
Shinzon Blood Draw Knife  $ 1,400
Klingon Pain Stick $ 800

There were 3 Tricorders for sale in this auction, and the screen used ones went very reasonably, while the replica went high!  Go figure!

Lot # 68, the hero medical Tricorder went for only $ 2,750.  This goes along with the recent trending down of Tricorder prices.  The recent sale at Profiles of a Mark VII Tricorder for only $ 2,250 marks an interesting downturn for Tricorders that this sale continues. 

Lot #  69 was the solid resin Tricorder with holster that went for $ 1,700, which was reasonable for a nice, very displayable piece.

And Lot # 70, the EFX replica, went for a very strong $ 800.  That was a shocker.

The screen used comm badges went for $ 650, 500 and 550, which pretty much sets the market for these items.  

The Nemesis Red PAD and Silver PADD went for $ 1,200 and $ 1,000 respctively.

And the best prop in the rest of the auction was the Defiant helm console, which came up for auction again after selling in the first Propworx Star Trek auction.

Now there are a few more props of note and I will cover them in my next post on the auction!


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