Star Trek Experience Warehose Sale Ordering Info

For anyone who wants to order something from the Star Trek Experience Warehouse Sale.

The Star Trek: The Experience Warehouse Sale is a cash and carry event (Well, we take checks and PayPal too). But a lot of people have been calling me about getting items even though they cannot be here. So, to address this, and take care of the people who actually are coming, if you want an item you see on our sites tonight, follow the following process:

Please note first that tonight we will have a ton of photos of the final set-up with everything for sale as well as a video. Please refer to that.

We will be accepting emails starting at 3:00pm PST on Saturday and if we have anything left that you want, we will try and make arrangements to get it to you.


1) Look at the photos on our sites tonight. The photos up tonight will show everything for sale.

2) Send me an email, NO SOONER than 3:00pm PST Saturday to [email protected] (emails before 3:00 will be not count, but we will be answering questions if we can.)

3) Do NOT leave a voice mail as I have no time to either listen to or answer it this weekend. We are buried!

4) Be BRIEF. I will be getting a ton of emails.

5) If we are sold out, I will respond by email. If not, I will CALL YOU. So include your phone #.

6) I can tell you the price and then you can make a decision.

7) If I tell you I have set aside an item for you, then IMMEDIATELY go to PayPal and pay for it. You will be given an order #. Send your money to [email protected] and Curtis will record it. Make sure you list in your PayPal payment what it is for and your order #.

Alec Peters

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