Well, it has been a CRAZY month of May as we moved the Propworx offices to a smaller and much nicer facility.  There is a reception area now and the walls are lined with my best Sci Fi prints and art.  We will be having an open house at the end of the month and you will all be invited!
In the mean time, this Saturday is the Second annual Propworx Star Trek Auction!  Yeah, let’s face it, this needs to be an annual event!  We already have a ton of stuff for auction # 3!
But in the mean time, you need to download the beautiful PDF catalog.  You can do so here.
While we didn’t print a catalog this time (we simply don’t sell very many and we don’t do enough business to eat the production and printing costs), we did do our usual stellar effort in putting a catalog together.  A PDF only catalog allows us a lot of freedom too.  We don’t worry about page counts and other limitations.  We can use more photos and make them bigger.  We are just learning how to best do a PDF only catalog, but we hope we will continue the tradition of the best auction catalogs in the business.

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