I have spoken of Screen Used Props before as they are one of the few legitimate and truly well respected prop and costume dealers out there. Well this time they have a Romulan Costume for sale. For some unexplained reason though, they have broken up the costume and are selling the belt separately. Still, the prices are right and there were inexplicably few of these costumes sold by IAW (who probably sold them to Martin form Germany!).

The costume is distressed but has a holster. I am not sure who the actor is, but I am sure a little research on Memory Alpha will tell.

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  1. Alec,

    Thanks for the heads-up! The Romulan costume didn’t last long. It’s already been marked “SOLD” at the Screen Used web site, as has the accompanying belt and Romulan disruptor prop. Hopefully they all went together to a happy collector’s new home!


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