Well, I went to see Star Trek on IMAX last weekend and it was VERY impressive. This was the third time I have seen the new Star Trek movie, which I totally love. And while I am not a huge IMAX fan, the scenes of the Enterprise and Kelvin in IMAX are worth the price of admission alone.

New Space Dock is way cooler than the old!

I was always open minded towards the new Star Trek. I said as far back as Star Trek: Nemesis that STar Trek needed an entirely new direction. My friends remember me saying “We need Michael Bay doing Trek!”. Well, fortunately we did better, getting JJ Abrahms, rather than Micahel Bay (hmmm, same writing crew though!). I am not a huge fan of Transformers, though it was cool. But JJ hit all the right notes in the new Trek. I love the actors, and the new Spock. Scotty is awesome and Karl Urban kills as Bones. Of course I hate the engine room, but I will give JJ that.

Robau kicks ass!

We want to see more of the other Starfleet ships!

So if you have a chance, support the new Trek and see it more than once, and in IMAX if you can!


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  1. I am 49 yrs old so am a Trekkie from way back.

    This new Star Trek totally ROCKS. I’ve seen it 5 times now!!!

    If they continue makeing more, I sincerely hope they keep it at this level of quality of story, character and visual effects.

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