At the end of my rope with Dominic from IAW

This updates my previous post on the subject.

Well all, I have been really nice to IAW for months and tried to help them resolve problems. I am a lot nicer than most collectors who are pissed off at the problems they are having. I even sold over $ 25,000 worth of items for them at the las Vegas convention to forum members who couldn’t make it to Vegas. I think everyone knows I have bent over backwards to be fair to them.

Many of you commented on how fair I was in my blog post last week. I sent Dom an email to help him understand the issues the collecting public has with the lack of customer service. Dominic in turn, sent me the following email:

From: [email protected] [mailto:[email protected]]

Sent: Thursday, September 27, 2007 12:06 PM

To: [email protected]

Subject: Re: Just so you know

Alec…… why are you causing trouble

This is not a good thing mate.

Well, not exactly a good attitude. Taking constructive criticism is a must if you ever want to improve. And that blog post was as nice as I could make it. I know most collectors thought I was too nice.

Well, in Las Vegas, because of my help in selling all their stuff, Dom agreed to sell me the MACO Sniper Rifle that I knew they had.

Well, I guess he was so pissed off at my blog post, that he posted the rifle on eBay. JUST TO SPITE ME. What is funny is Tiara had just sent me an email telling me how professionalism is important to them. And I know Tiara is very professional, but it is obvious she doesn’t know what is going on in the warehouse.

Dom finally called me Wednesday morning. He claimed he forgot the conversation at Vegas and him putting up the rifle was a coincidence. RIGHT.

I was pretty adamant that he take the rifle down and sell it to me as agreed. To me this is a matter of Dom honoring his word. He said he would get back with me that night. Then I get an email saying “Were still looking into this MACO issue”. What was there to look into? You either are going to honor your word or not.

Yesterday was Thursday…..nothing.

I have no idea why Dom has such a hard time returning calls, but I am sick of it. No one can run a business like this and expect to keep customers. And to promise me something and then back out is total crap. My word means something.

(including the Weyoun I have waited 10 months for)

I am sick of this crap.


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