Boycotting IAW this week

Because of the unresolved issue of the MACO Rifle with IAW, I am sitting out the auctions this week. In addition, many of the members of the Star Trek Prop, Costume & Auction Forum have decided to join in as a show of solidarity. Don’t forget, my issue is just one of many that collectors have. Almost no one is happy with the lack of service and hundreds of unresolved customer service issues.

Many STPC&A Forum members have even written to IAW in support of me, and one even got a reply claiming that no promise was ever made to me. That pisses me off even more. Seems IAW is more concerned about squeezing out an extra few dollars than keeping their word.

I also just sent an email to Dom and Tiara informing them that their # 1 buyer, Maharanidiva, who has purchsed $ 141,746 worth of props & costumes from IAW found the IAW auctions through my blog. She never would have known about them otherwise.

I also want to thank our fellow collectors on the Movie Prop Forum who have decided to sit out this week in their outrage of all the issues that we have to deal with with IAW.


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