I just got a note from Andrew Rose of www.catalogkid.com.

He bought the balance of Christie’s stock of the Star Trek catalog as he is a huge dealer in auction catalogs. He is selling them on eBay right now for $24.95 a set. Certainly the best price out there.

Well, if you mention my name (Alec Peters for you that are new), he will give you a set for $15 until December 5th!!! That is a SMOKING deal! email him at catalogs@catalogkid.com. Now if you go to his web site, they will charge you $24.95, so make sure you email him and mention you saw it here.

I just bought 10 sets, as I give them to friends, and he only charged me $ 25 to ship them, which considering how heavy they are, is a good deal.

If you haven’t gotten your yet, do so! It is well worth the investment as it is a valuable resource. It is two volumes and covers the 1000 lots sold with photos for each lot! This is a must have.


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  1. Sweet! I was just about to order a set from ebay, but now I’m gonna send him an email!! I’ve been wanting these since they were released, but couldnt see spending so much, now I can!!

    Thanks for the tip!!

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