After I reported that this auction was fake, eBay pulled the auction and suspended the seller! I got an email to this effect from eBay this morning (2/13).


The Phlox Enterprise Space Suit that was being sold by It’s a Wrap on eBay the week ending January 9th has appeared on eBay again, most likely in an attempt at fraud by the seller. The original ad can be seen here. The new ad can be seen here.

The Phlox Space Suit never hit reserve, reaching $ 5,600. According to a source who knows, the costume was sold by IAW to the high bidder (Willie_Bath) outside of eBay. I have tried to contact both IAW and Willie Bath (who I have had contact with before) to confirm the above. If so, then eBay will be forced to take the ad down and suspend the seller. (I will also send Guido over to break his legs!).

Why do we know this is a fake auction?

1) Who is this seller? IAW either sold the Space Suit to the high bidder or didn’t sell it. They didn’t sell it to a third party (especially for less than the high bid).

2) The seller is asking for less than what the high bid was on IAW. If for some reason he actually did get it from IAW, why would they sell it at a Buy It Now for LESS than what the high bidder was willing to pay?

3) The photos are those from the IAW auction. Show me some original photos (preferably with today’s newspaper!).

4) The seller wants to do the auction outside of eBay. VERY suspicious.

5) The seller doesn’t want anyone to bid unless he vets you first. What?

6) The seller says if you bid he will cancel your bid and leave negative feedback. Well, it is obvious this guy doesn’t sell on eBay or he would know you can’t leave negative feedback on a bidder, only on an actual buyer.

So STAY AWAY. This is obviously a fake auction. Don’t get scammed!


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