Well, looks like the incompetence at IAW has struck again. Last week, a guy named Alex at MiamiSciFi left 23 negative feedbacks under 5 different eBay IDs. I offered to help IAW work this out with the buyer. What do I get?

Well IAW includes MY NAME in their complaint with eBay and I get suspended for “Feedback Abuse”! Yeah, IAW, who I have driven hundreds of thousands of dollars in business to, have screwed me by getting my eBay account banned!

I was on the phone with eBay for an hour last night and finally got a supervisor. I told him that I had been on eBay for 10 years, and was the founder of Marketworks, a big eBay partner and I had been to eBay HQ probably two dozen times on business, including with CEO Meg Whitman. Well he actually knew who I was and has personally started the internal process to get this resolved. He told me that the complaint on file made absolutely no sense to him. He also said that IAW is one of their biggest customers and they have a special group within the investigations department that deals with high volume customers.

Dylan feels he will get this resolved as I told him what happened with IAW last week, and everyone agrees, that through either stupidity, vindictiveness or sheer incompetence, this was just a mistake. No matter what, I plan on having my attorney deal with this now and IAW is going to pay for screwing me like this.

First they screwed me by backing out of the promise they made to me to sell me the MACO Sniper Rifle, then they sold an item that was promised to me for months that they were unable to generate a simple invoice for, and now this.


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