Week 13 Preview

This week is a big Enterprise week. The selection of both props and costumes is very good and there are lots of hero costumes. There are Archer, Reed, Tucker, Mayweather and Sato jumpsuits, and even an Orion Slave Girl costume!

The Archer jumpsuit is the perfect example of It’s a Wrap needing to more carefully describe its auctions. It appears this is a stunt costume by the tagging, but there appears to be a Bakula tag which also lists the stuntman as well? A photo would help serious collectors.

The Reed, Mayweather and Sato jumpsuits are all in the $ 500-600 range now and should all go in the $ 1,200-1,500 range. The Tucker should bring more as he is a more popular character. His costume is already over $ 1,000 and should go in the $ 1,500-2,000 range.

The Xindi Reptile costume is a great piece. Using the jumpsuit from the Reman costumes of Star Trek: Nemesis, without the shoulder pad/chest piece of those costumes, these are great costumes. The last one, sold for $ 1,276 and this one is already at $ 1,460. I see this around the $ 2,000 mark as last week’s Reman costume went over that number.

Ok, who doesn’t love Orion Slave Girls? Ok, let me re-phrase that. What adult male with a pulse doesn’t like Orion Slave Girls? Well, now we have a chance to own the costume from “Bound” the Enterprise episode that let us know that Orion women are all Dominatrixes! None the less, a very cool costume. It is at $ 485 at the moment and should easily go between $ 1,000 and $ 1,500.

Bargains? Well, there are a couple of distressed Enterprise background jumpsuits that you should be able to pick up for $ 800 or so I would bet. The MACO Terran Empire Jumpsuit is real nice and should go under $1,000. The T’Pol desert stunt uniform is somewhat distressed and so I am not sure how great a buy this is.

I really like the Suliban costume, which is under $ 150 right now! Not sure why the lack of interest, as this is a great costume.

As far as props go:

Well, this is one of the better weeks for props and if you like Enterprise, there is plenty for you.

The Klingon Bat’Leth is the top prop at the moment at $ 760 and should go over $ 1,000 as the last one that came on did. These are nice items, but remember, there are a bunch of these in the warehouse, so don’t go crazy!

The Hypospray used by Peter Weller in the Enterprise episode “Demons” is an absolutely stunning piece. There are a lot of collectors who love props like this, and so I think this hits $ 1,500 easy. Check out the detail on the handle, and this prop was made for only one scene!

The “First Flight Sensor Package” is dynamite, and already over $ 700. This item could easily top $ 2,000. It is really well detailed and will display well in someone’s collection.

There is a Phase Pistol and holster, but note that this is the smaller Art Asylum version, which is a bit smaller than the resin or rubber ones made for the show. Paramount actually bought a bunch of these nicely detailed toys and repainted them for use on the show. Still a nice piece and screen used. Probably $ 1,200 or so. I certainly don’t think it is worth more than that.

The Tricorder and holster is cool, but the Tricorder doesn’t open up. Still, a popular item and will top $ 1,000 as it is already over $ 500.

The Universal Translator prop is awesome and if you have an Enterprise communicator to fit this onto you are set! It lights up and the detail is beautiful. I see this prop topping $ 1,500 easy and won’t be surprised if it goes over $ 2,000.

There is a Communicator with Holster, but, like the Tricorder, it is a background version that does not open.

The Enterprise Emergency Medical Kit is disappointing only in that it has big Q-tips! Come on! It is the 22nd century, isn’t there some ultra-sonic doo-hickey that takes the place of something as mundane as Q-tips? Other than that, there is some cool pieces in this set and how impressed will your buddies be when you whip this out the next time your friend gets a paper cut?

I also like Captain Archer’s Water Polo certificate, but it is already over $ 300 and it is a piece of paper! Still, kind of cool.

If you are looking for a good deal, I think the MACO Pistol and Rifle, both rubber versions, will go in the $ 600-800 range. They are both nice pieces if you can deal with them being rubber. The Andorian Pistol is also a good value as I don’t see it going over $ 600.

Half the items this week are still under $ 150, so spend time looking at the bottom half of the auctions. If you are looking for value this week, you will have to have a good plan and spend wisely. Look at the items based on when they end, and plan out your strategy with this in mind. There are so many good deals that will be there this week, and enough good props and costumes, that prices shouldn’t get out of hand.

Good hunting!


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  1. Hi Alec,

    I actually would say I have had good dealings with itsawrap on ebay. I have already purchased one uniform with them. I expected a shipping delay so I wasn’t disappointed when it took a month to get to my house.

    I now have won the auction for both Cmdr. Tucker’s and Lt. Reed’s jumpsuits that were featured in the week 13 auction. I will give you an update as to how fast the shipping is. In compairison to what I purchased at the Christies’s October action, itsawrap has been equal, with the exception of a lack of annoying emails. I am just glad as a fan I basically have a second chance to get what I missed/wanted at the Christie’s auction.


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