It’s a Wrap eBay auctions – Week 13 Results

Week 13

Week 13 brought some new bidders who drove Enterprise hero costumes up to ridiculous levels. All 5 Enterprise hero costumes went for over $ 3,600! And what is even more interesting is that all 5 high bidders were different!

The Ensign Mayweather costume, which went for $ 1,500 at Christie’s (before buyer’s premium) sold for $ 4,605.55. An absolutely ridiculous price, and even more than the Archer went for! The buyer had to be new and not familiar with what these costumes have been going for in the past.

The Archer costume was mostly a stunt costume, thought the listing said it had Scott Bakula’s name in it as well. It went for $ 4,050.

Other costumes of note were the Xindi Reptile costume which went for a strong $ 2,378.34. The last one went for $ 1,276, but this shows the strength of the new bidders. The Orion Slave Girl costume went for $ 1,837.60, which isn’t bad for a glorified bikini! The Enterprise distressed jumpsuit went for $ 1,580 which was way higher than it should have gone for.

I really liked the Vulcan Captain’s costume, which was quite beautiful with great detailing. It went for a very reasonable $ 1,125 and will display great. A very fine deal amongst all the high dollar costumes, and winner of my Best Costume of the Week award.

The Suliban costume also went very low at only $ 575.99, earning it my Sleeper of the Week award. These are really nice

On the prop front:

This was a big week for props with a bunch of really nice props from Enterprise. The top selling prop was the First Flight Sensor Package which went for $ 2,900. It was a really nice piece, but that is a lot for a prop. The buyer was a well known buyer of Star Trek props who also bought the Enterprise Phlox Space Suit that was offered many months ago. (While it didn’t hit reserve, I heard he reached a deal with It’s a Wrap).

I won the NX Beta Program PADD for $ 1,780.55 which I was after because of its place in history of Star Trek. It is also huge for a PADD at 8×11″. A really cool piece and only the second prop (after the Root Beer Bottle) that I have really wanted.

The MACO Assault Carbine at $ 1,725.99 was way overpriced for a rubber prop. And also over priced compared to previous MACO weapons.

The Universal Translator went for $ 1,601 and was a really nice piece and even lit up. Kind of an Iconic piece and will look great with a good resin communicator prop.

The Klingon Bat’Leth went for $ 1,558.25, which was 50% higher than the last one to sell. Still reasonable for a truly Iconic piece of Star Trek history.

The Phase Pistol with holster went for $ 1,025, which is still a bit high for my liking since it was an Art Asylum toy! I know a few of us are looking for the resin ones to pop up, but I am sure there are more of these.

The Demons Hypospray was a favorite piece of mine in this auction, and it went for $ 1,212. a good price I think for a really beautiful prop. Rivals the Klingon one from a couple months ago for sheer beauty.

The Communicator and Holster went for $ 911 which is reasonable in that it was rubber and didn’t open. The Tricorder was the same way and it went for a very reasonable $ 643.

So here are some awards for the week:

Best Costume of the Week: Vulcan Captain’s costume. Check out the detail on this. Beautiful and very impressive. $ 1,125

Best Prop of the Week: The Demons Hypospray was just a beautiful piece with great detailing and metal pieces. It sold for $ 1,212.

Best Buy of the week: NX-01 Galley Table and Chairs at $ 268.56! Yeah the shipping is $ 550! But, if you were in LA you could have STOLE these!

Worst Buy of the week: Enterprise Ensign Mayweather jumpsuit at $ 4,605.55????

Sleeper of the Week: Suliban Costume at $ 575.99. A great deal on an important costume.

And here are some prices realized:


Enterprise Ensign Mayweather jumpsuit $ 4,605.55

Enterprise Archer jumpsuit $ 4,050

Enterprise Commander Tucker jumpsuit $ 3,727.77

Enterprise Lt. Reed jumpsuit $ 3,605.55

Enterprise Ensign Sato jumpsuit $ 3,605.55

Special thanks to Aaron Carlson, who every week, compiles all the stats on that week’s auctions.

2 thoughts on “It’s a Wrap eBay auctions – Week 13 Results

  • March 20, 2007 at 4:43 pm

    Suggestion: would it be possible to link to the relevant items every time you mention them? You do it in most cases.

    I’m finding this site a handy way of looking at old sales, the Ebay “completed listings” don’t go back far enough (only a few weeks). Still trying to find the Ebay link to Janeway’s primary uniform for example. I hope IAW eventually publishes a full catalog but this site is the closest thing to that, thanks.

  • March 20, 2007 at 4:44 pm

    Those “Enterprise” fans were few in number, but clearly quite committed!

    I think your blog is pulling in the buyers Alec, IAW should really be paying you a comission. I only found this auction randomly myself.


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