It’s a Wrap eBay auctions – Week 14 Preview

Week 14 Preview

This week started strong again as the current crop of new bidders is bidding up the hero costumes early in the week. I think this is one of the signs that we have different bidders coming in, as the previous bidders knew to wait till the end before bidding an item up. All you do when bidding the item up earlier in the week is make it easier for the other bidders to outbid you!

As such, the top costumes are already nearing $ 2,000 with the Major Kira costume at $ 1,775 and the Nemesis style Operations Dress uniform just over $ 1,700 as of this writing.

It’s a Wrap did a great job on the photos for the Kira, showing off all the nice touches the costume has, including a communicator pin and holster. This is a nice one and should go around $ 3,500 if the past few week’s are any indication.

The Nemesis style dress uniform has been going high of late and I think for a background costume, it is already overpriced. Go back and check out the Nemesis wedding scene and you will see that there are a TON of these. This should go for $ 1,500 tops, and I have shared that with some friends who I know want one. Heck, I would love to have one as well, but don’t see a need to pay high for them.

I love the USS Relativity costume, but already at $ 1,325 for a background costume? It is really beautiful though with great detailing and comes with the rank pip and comm badge.

Dr. Bashir’s jumpsuit from the early seasons of DS9 is up to over $ 1,500. Judging by this past week, this will go in the $ 2-3,000 range. The Ezri Dax is a more desirable late season DS-9/Nemesis style and should do around $ 3,000 as well, judging by where the bidding is now and what we have seen the past week.

The Data costume is under $ 1,000 still, but that is meaningless, as this will top $ 3,000 easily. I also like the Janice Rand costume from Star Trek: The Motion Picture, as I think it will be rather reasonable.

Special note should be made of the “Captive Pursuit – Alien Hunter” costume. This one has some great detailing and a helmet and boots, so it will display very well.

Bargains? There are a TON of bargains just waiting to be had this week. Look at everything under $ 500 and you will see what i mean. Smart shoppers will get some great stuff at really low prices this week I think.

I think the Picard Civilian costume from Insurrection is going to go cheap. Pair it with the Anij Costume that Donna Murphy wore and you would have an amazing display from a Star Trek movie!

The Nurse Chapel doesn’t have insignia or a Bio-buckle (which I bet you will find separately in the month’s to come) and if this goes cheap could be a good deal.

The Devidian Alien from the classic TNG episode “Time’s Arrow” looks like it will go cheap! It is all foam rubber, and will deteriorate over time, but looks in great shape still. Just keep it out of the sunlight. You can own a TNG alien cheap here I think.

There is a beautiful Ferengi costume that is only at $ 127 right now and will certainly go cheap. It has boots and a head piece and the fabric is amazing.

Speaking of great fabric’s, you just got to love the Tarlac female’s latex costume from Insurrection. These chick’s were hot, even if they did make a living stretching skin! The costume is just over $ 100 right now, and includes boots and gloves. Latex is very hot in the fashion world right now. But warning, it shows off every imperfection in your body, so your girlfriend better be in great shape if you are buying this for her!

As far as props go:

The Hero Reman Rifle is already close to $ 1,200 and it will easily top $ 2,000. It is a beautiful piece and probably worth that.

There is an absolutely giant Defiant console. Would be fun to have, but shipping will be a bear! Better live in LA for this one!

There are four PADDs this week. Two are Starfleet, one a Klingon and one Romulan. They are all in the $ 300-500 range and should all go around $1,000.

Data’s sunglasses from Nemesis are pretty cool and I think this is an odd enough item to go at a reasonable price.

The Cardassian Phaser Rifle is a rubber version, and by now you should know I hate rubber props. Take a close look at the photos an you will see why.

I love the style of the Bajoran Phaser Rifle. This one is resin, but has a weathered paint job, so looks kind of dull.

There are a bunch of Son’a Interface Panels and these are cool props that look good on display and go at reasonable prices. There are five of them, so keep an eye on these.

Like last week, there are a lot of items going cheap. Almost two-thirds of the items this week are still under $ 150, so spend time looking at those auctions for good deals.

Good hunting!


3 thoughts on “It’s a Wrap eBay auctions – Week 14 Preview

  • March 22, 2007 at 9:51 pm

    The Nurse Chapel is interesting. I don’t think it made it in the movie. I looked at all the screencaps that I could find and only saw her in two outfits: the beige class-B (which she uncharacteristically wore with white pants) and the all-white medical uniform (with caduceus instead of SF insignia). Both of those sold at Christie’s (but likely there are additional copies still available). Perhaps the reason that this gray one is incomplete is that it really didn’t make it onscreen. Can anyone remember seeing it in the movie?

  • March 22, 2007 at 11:54 pm

    I agree. I didn’t have the time to check out my DVD, but I agree with your assessment.


  • March 25, 2007 at 6:48 pm

    The Bajoran rifle is in fact altered for use in Enterprise, it has a piece removed, devaluing it considerably.


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