It’s a Wrap eBay auctions – Week 15 Preview

Week 15 Preview

This isn’t a particularly strong week, which is evidenced by only 9 items being above $ 500 as of Wednesday. The selection of both costumes and props is rather thin, which gives those of us who have been buying in these auctions some welcome relief! It also offers collectors a chance to get some inexpensive items if they shop wisely.

The Neelix Klingon costume is the top item so far at $ 2,180. This episode was just on TV and so it is fresh in some of our minds. The disappointing thing is there are no boots with this costume.

The Star Trek:Generations Crusher stunt costume is a nice piece and should go at a reasonable price since it wasn’t used by Gates McFadden. Truly beautiful costumes, this may jump up because it is kind of iconic.

The Dr. Zimmerman costume from Voyager is kinda of cool and rather unique. It is at $ 810 now but could easily go over $ 1,500 and maybe $ 2,000. Display this next to a Doctor and it will be a great display.

The James Doohan “Class B” shirt is a bit of an enigma. Scotty never used this costume and the rank and insignia are wrong. So what is the story of this costume? No way to tell. It is a nice uniform though.

The Terran Empire MACO Uniform
recently sold for $ 1,075 and this one is at $ 510. I think they are well worth the price.

The Starfleet Cadet Future Uniform is one I actually own, having won one about two months ago. They are really nice and come with a Comm badge and well worth the $ 500 I paid. I think this one will go higher due to the new bidders that have come to the auctions

The Blue TNG Scant are pretty funny and certainly worth a look. Now I have never seen a guy wear one of THESE to a convention!

Finally, I think the Feature Film Vulcan Robes and Hat are being overlooked as they are at $ 228.50 right now. A fine costume that should bring a $ 1,000 price.

I think there are some good deals on secondary and civilian hero costumes. The Janeway Velocity costume, The Jem ‘Hadar costume, and the female Klingon costume are all potential good deals.

As far as props go:

The Ferengi Disruptor Rifle (also used by the Romulans) is the top prop at this point and should top $ 1,500.

The Star Trek: First Contact Type III rifle is the EVA version used when Picard, Worf andf Hawke go EVA to blow up the Deflector Dish. It is a foam version so don’t go high on this.

The Enterprise Starfleet Energy Carbine is a rubber version, and you all know I hate how rubber props don’t age well. Be careful how high you go here too.

The 24th Century Computer is a great prop which should go around $ 1,500. A nice and classic prop that I think appeals to a lot of people.

The Dixon Hill hat and shoes are a great item. OK, who wants shoes? But the hat is awesome! And it is Dixon Hill!

The Klingon PADD could go at a reasonable price. There were a ton of PADDs created for all the various shows, so these should start coming down in price as more and more become available. There were 4 last week alone. This week there are 3. The two Federation PADDS are both nice.

With all but 9 items under $ 500 there are a lot of bargains to be had. Keep your eyes sharp and be smart!

Also, feel free to email me if you have any questions!

Good hunting!


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