Week 29

Well, Week 29 wasn’t a barn burner. Seems that is going to be week 30! But Week 29 saw some nice props and a few surprises.

The Tucker Arid Climate Uniform was a big surprise in that it went for $ 2,707, which was more than the Archer version we saw a couple weeks ago that went for $ 2,414. And the Archer had a jacket too! Tripp is a popular character (in my mind he and T’Pol were the only really interesting human characters on Enterprise.) and so this is why this went so strong.

My vote for best costume this week though goes to the Doctor Futuristic Starfleet uniform, which my good buddy Grant won. It is a beauty. The colors on these costumes really pop, and to have a main character of this type I think is awesome. I love the blue on this costume, and of course it comes with a Comm Badge.At $ 2,303 I think a fair price as Doctor’s costumes seem to have a huge following.

I won the USS Relativity Costume and am very excited about this one. From the Voyager episode “Relativity”, these are absolutely stunning looking. The fabric and quilting is beautiful and the design is really evocative of what a future Starfleet uniform might look like. I have wanted one of these and am happy I waited as this even has the Captain rank (even though the Relativity Captain Braxton’s uniform was blue). I have had Braxton’s uniform on my top 5 “Holy Grail” list for a while, but in teh mean time I will be happy with this one! More will come up and I suggest you costume collectors look hard at these as you will not be dissappointed. There were at least 8 individuals wearing these costumes, and that means there may be as many as 12 -15 of these.

The Nemesis Worf stunt costume lot went very reasonably! There were two uniforms, though one was badly damaged. These were worn by Michael Dorn’s stunt double in Nemesis. The good one came with a Comm Badge and there were three red under shirts and a pair of boots. All this for $ 1,825 is a very good deal.

I am not sure I liked the Chief O’Brien Costume since it had no zipper down the front and the rank patch was wrong (these had pips, not embroidered rank on the neck, which is what the black and grays had). So I think this went high at $ 1,692.

The Archer Starfleet Uniform at $ 1,525 went CHEAP and gets my “Deal of the Week” as the distressing isn’t that bad. When you an get a Captain’s costume this cheap, you are in great shape! The previous one like this went for $ 2,055 in week 4.

The Commander Dolim – Xindi Ambassador costume went for $ 1,481, partly due to teh fact that it also had a Xindi rubber pistol with it. A nice costume, this was one of the costumes with weapons that IAW listed this week. If they wanted to drive up the prices of costumes, it may have worked

The T’Pol Costume Lot went for a measly $ 1,325! After all the T’Pol hysteria the past few weeks, this was a surprise. Is there T’Pol fatigue setting in? Probably not. Just not a desirable lot.

The Quark costume lot was beautiful. My friend Jim really wanted this lot and I am sure he is happy. These costume really are some of Robert Blackman’s best work. The fabrics are amazing. At $ 1,276 a great deal.

The Tholos – Andorian Uniform was a great looking uniform, and this costume came with an amazing resin Andorian Phaser Carbine. Now, why this costume came with a RESIN rifle, while an identical RUBBER one was sold seperately is a mystery to me. The rubber one should have been included from a business perspective since the resin ones bring more at auction. The costume went for $ 1,035. Interestingly, the rubber Andorian Energy Carbine went Saturday night for $ 610 by itself!

The stunt Major Kira costume went for $ 1,010. It was quite nice and came with a Bajoran Comm Badge.

The Ferengi Gaila Costume was another example of beautiful Ferengi costumes and also went for $ 1,010. These will just look great on display and I am happy that there are so many of them so everyone can get an example for their collections.

Next Gen Uniforms

OK, it bums me out that IAW can’t be consistent in their titles. There were three Next Generation jumpsuits and yet the titles were all different. Consistency would help everyone. The Red Command Starfleet Uniform Jumpsuit went for $ 1,225. The Sciences Blue Uniform hit $ 1,211 and the Gold Jumpsuit went cheap at $ 810. The last one is a smoking deal, and even at $ 1,200 or so, these are a good deal. They look great on display and the colors are vibrant.

There was also a female Command Red Starfleet Uniform (again, consistancy in titles would be nice) that went for $ 876. Again, a great deal.

Great Uniform Deals below $ 1,000

The Chakotay Away Mission uniform was nice in that it had boots and a rank pin. At $ 956 this was a good deal and my buddy Dana won it and wa spleasantly surprise dbecause his high bid was under $ 1,000 and he expected to lose this. A good deal for sure.

The Vice Admiral Nakamura’s unfiorm went for only $ 898. Considering it had the pants and was quite beautiful, I think this was another great deal. I figured this between $ 1,600 and $ 1,800 and so ws shocked it went so low.

However, the best deal was the distressed “Commander Reed” costume from the episode “Twilight” went for only $ 760 which was a steal!

Finally the Guinan costume from the episode “Yesterday’s Enterprise” went for only $ 601! That was an amazing deal. We haven’t seen many Guinan costumes and the last two went for $ 1,275 and $ 1,402.

On to the props……

The Ten Forward Doors went for an astounding $ 4,050. The winner obviously didn’t read the discussion on the Star Trek Prop, Costume and Auction Forum , where our resident expert Jorg, feels these are not Ten Forward’s doors, but rather ones seen in the first season TNG episode “Conspiracy”. Now we don’t know for sure, but according to Jorg, Ten Forward never has frosted glass in its doors a sthese do. Ten Forward’s doors were re-used for Voyager’s mess hall,being repainted grey, which should be their current configuration.

The Next Generation Style PADD went for double what these usually do at $ 3,152. I am not sure why, but that is WAY high on a PADD. The list of ship names on it was nice, but these typically go around $ 1,500, so this is an abnormality.

The Klingon Ship Hull model was won by my buddy Jason who has eclectic tastes in props. This is an interesting piece with great detail and nice Klingon writing on it. Easy to display, this is a cool piece, though I admit I am never a fan of ship model components. But there are a lot of collectors who are and these always do well and should hold its value. At $ 2,134 I think this was a good price.

The Dermal Regenerator at $ 1,904 went at a reasonable price. A beautiful prop, I could have seen this going higher, but there were a bunch of good props this week and so I think the price was pretty fair.

The 24th Century Electronic PADD was pretty cool and I would have thought this one would go high, not the Next Gen one. This type of PADD was used in Star Trek: Insurrection only according to our resident expert Jorg. At $ 1,902 a reasonable price for a beautiful prop.

There Son’A hand pistol prop went for $ 1,605 which was a strong price, but certainly fair. Previous hero versions have gone for $ 414 and $ 1,531, so I guess the latter is the market for these now.

The Voyager Medical Stabilizer went for $ 1,524 which was almost twice what the last one went for. That one went in week 24 for $ 860. For such a small prop, I think this is high.

The pair of Romulan Senate Stools went for a crazy $ 1,500!!! These have previously gone for $ 699, $ 1,125 and $ 1200.

The Romulan Console was a beauty and went for $ 1,492. It didn’t top $ 2,000 as I thought, and I think this is a good deal for a beautiful set piece.

The Enterprise Sickbay/Armory table went for $ 1,318 and was a good deal in that it is smnall and portable and still very identifiable as an Enterprise set piece.

The Klingon Hand Pistol went for $ 1,281, which is far less than week 27’s version which went for $ 2,025. A good deal I think.

The Enterprise NX-01 Galley Table and Chairs went for $ 1,225. We see a lot of set pieces from Enterprise and will see more, as that stuff was all still in the warehouses and least likely to be re-purposed or damaged in storage.

Other props:

The Orion/Andorian console went for $ 1,204.

Crewman Daniel’s Crew Quarters was an entire set’s worth of stuff and went for $ 1,136.

The Klingon Bat’Leth sold for $ 1,125. Not bad and pretty much in line with previous sales though those sales were for harder rubber ones, rather than a foam one.

The Enterprise Times Explosive Charges went for a very reasonable $ 1,084. I won this with 3 of my friends and thus we each get a great prop for about $ 270.


Best Costume of the Week: The Doctor Futuristic Starfleet uniform is a beauty!

Best Prop of the Week: The Romulan Console was a beauty, and at $ 1,492 a good deal.

Best Buy of the week: The Archer Starfleet Uniform at $ 1,525 was cheap for a Captain’s costume.

Worst Buy of the week: The Next Generation Style PADD went for twice what these usually go for at $ 3,152.

Sleeper of the Week: The Vice Admiral Nakamura’s unfiorm at $ 898 was a GREAT deal for a beautiful costume.


Star Trek:
TNG Ten Forward Doors went for $ 4,050

Star Trek: TNG Next Generation Style PADD $ 3,152

Star Trek: Enterprise Tucker Arid Climate Uniform $ 2,707

Star Trek: Voyager Doctor Futuristic Starfleet uniform $ 2,303

Star Trek: TNG Klingon Ship Hull model at $ 2,134

Thanks to Aaron Carlson for the data! And make sure you check out the Star Trek Prop, Costume and Auction Forums, the best way to make sure you get the best info on the IAW auctions!


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