Wow, 30 weeks of auctions! And still my house isn’t in foreclosure! All I can say is thank God I am not married and have no kids, or I wouldn’t have amassed a quarter of what I have.

Now this is a VERY good week. There are a ton of great costumes and props. Two key Maroons in one week and some great Next Gen character costumes. Great props too!

The Captain Kirk E.V. Suit is not as interesting or desirable as the Spock Space Suit that was offered in the early months. Not having a helmet really hurts this or it would have certainly been the highest selling item yet. Maybe there is another that has a helmet? No clue, but if so, you would think that it would have been in Christie’s. I think this goes in the $ 8-9,000 range.

The first of two mostly complete Maroons is the Lt. Castillo Uniform from “Yesterday’s Enterprise”. It is nice, though the undershirt is not correct as they didn’t wear them in this episode (I HATE THAT!). This is already at $ 1,775 and should easily top $ 3,000, where the other Maroons have gone.

The Ensign Demora Sulu uniform is the other Maroon and is nice in that it is complete. This too should top $ 3,000 and maybe close to $ 3,500 as she is a better character than the ones that have sold for $ 2,900-3,000 so far.

The Lt. Comm. La Forge uniform includes a foam Phaser and holster (one piece) and the belt from “Yesterday’s Enterprise”. It also has pips on the collar. Not bad, and should top $ 2,000.

The Doctor Crusher Uniform is like one that previously sold for a very strong $ 3,250. This one shouldn’t go as high, but is nice and that fact that it has the lab coat is nice.

The White Radiological Suit is like the cadet one we saw two weeks ago that went for $ 2,850. I will admit i RELALY like these and want one, though I am not bidding on one this week. (Other priorities).

The Orange Radiological Suit is much rarer, though without boots. I have one of these and though I like it, I must say that not having boots isn’t as cool as having a complete one. None the less, they are COOL and look great with the black collar!

The Starfleet Crewman Jumpsuit is one we have seen a few times. There is a female one as well. These go for $ 900 or so. Nice additions to your collection if you want an original cast movie uniform.

The Worf and Alexander Mok’Bara costumes and Bat’Leth is a really nice set and I like how IAW has put these items together. I think it would make a great display.

There is both Chakotay and a Bashir Starfleet Dress Uniforms. Both will look great on display and should go in the $ 1,500-2,000 range. I would highly recommend these as there are WAY fewer of these than of standard uniforms.

There is a nice Ensign Ro Uniform. We have seen this before and last time it went at $ 1,820. Ro is a popular character and I won’t be surprised if this goes over $ 2,000.

The TNG Admiral Uniform is one we haven’t seen before. Quite beautiful, and it could go cheap as last week’s did. I like this one, but my buddy wants it so I am out!

The T’Pol on Vulcan Costume is interesting, and her civilian costumes are affordable lately, so this could be a good buy.

The Carol Marcus costume is a beauty. My buddy Andy won the one at Christie’s but that didn’t have pants or shoes. A nice costume, but I think the Maroons will overshadow this this week. This will probably go around $ 1,800-2,000.

There is a Federation Security Council Guard that is like the movie security guard costumes we have seen before, but without the helmet. This will probably go under $ 1,500 and be well worth it.

If you want a Kirk, then the Star Trek V Captain Kirk Commando Uniform might be for you. It is a stunt, but none the less, it is a Kirk! These will probably go very reasonable. Previous ones have sold for $ 1,925 and $ 2,325, but both those came with belts, which this one does not. So I think this will go around $ 1,600-1,800.

There is also a Spock Commando Stunt Uniform so you can have a set.

I love the Boothby Costume from “The Fight”. Ray Walston was so good in this role, and his costume from the other Voyager episode he was in went previously for $ 700.

The DS9 Klingon Child Costume is very nice and has boots too. If you have a kid, they would look great in this and I think it goes under $ 1,000.

A Large Lot of Female Augments Costumes is actually 5 costumes with 3 pairs of boots. Buying lots like this is always an excellent way to get cheap costumes. Split this with a friend and you will have a good deal.

The Wesley Crusher Costume Lot is pretty popular it seems. I hated this Wesley costume. Heck, I hated Wesley until later in the show! But these are very popular. Don’t ask me what they are going to go for, I have no clue!

Star Trek: The Motion Picture Uniforms

The Brown Class D Earthbase Uniform Jumpsuit is very nice and in good shape. I really like these and they are made very well, of thick fabric as all these movie costumes were. They display very well and will look great in yoru collection. They hang very well on the Advantage Fixtures forms.

The Tan Class D Uniform Jumpsuit is a female version, but beautiful and well preserved. These should go in the $ 1,000-1,300 range.

There is a Brown Class C Uniform too, which we have seen a lot of and is very nice. Should look great on display.

The Gray Class D Starbase Uniform Jumpsuit seems to be discolored. Be careful here. I know a few people have been disappointed with discolored costumes. Call IAW up to get the skinny.

As far as the props go…

The 24th Century Starfleet PADD is already at $ 1,025 and if last week is any indication, it will go well over $ 2,000. I think there is a temporary inflation on these, so don’t over-pay.

According to the famous Jorg, the Medical Scanner is actually an engineering tool created for Voyager and seen in such episodes as “Body and soul”, “One small step”, “Memorial”, “Collective”, “Good shepherd”, “Infinite regress”, “Nightingale” and “Renaissance Man” and was never seen used as a medical device.

The First Contact Starfleet Mark III Type 1 Phaser Rifle is also known as the EVA Rifle. This is a rubber stunt version, but very cool none the less. Should go in the $ 1,500 range.

The Nemesis Phaser Rifle is a bit broken, so you may get this cheap. Usually these go in the $ 2,000-2,300 range. This one should go about $ 1,600-1,800.

The Borg phaser is a gem. I think this may be the best prop of the week. Easily a $ 2,000 prop, this is a beauty that could go high.

The Enterprise Vosk, Na’Kuhl Headquarters Console is huge and used on several sets. Looks like both DS9 and Insurrection as a Son’a one as well. These consoles tend to go at reasonable prices because they are so large and expensive to ship. Plus you need a place to put them!

Captain Picard’s Smashed Phaser Rifle has gotten a lot of interest because it is recognizable and can be screen-matched. If you like this type of prop, this is a good one.

The Shinzon Rubber Stunt Knife is nice, but rubber knives don’t do it for me! I mean it HAS to be metal!

The Nemesis Reman Rifle is a beauty because it is reason and has two working lights. These go for around $ 1,300.

The Quark’s bar Pitcher and glass set is going to go high. Everyone loves Quark, and his stuff does well. I would love to serve my friends Iced Tea from this!

There is also a Shinzon metal Dagger and Sheath which is nice in that it is metal. Watch this one as it will go strong.

The Smashed Gold Enterprise A model is from First Contact. We have seen a lot of these, but Picard did NOT break the “A” in the scene. Look at Trekcore to see for yourself.

The Silver 24th Century Carry Case is nice and these tend to be popular as they display well and dont go real high.

The Romulan PADD is a bit beat up, but should go cheap. They have gone between $ 490 and $ 795 previously, so not a bad deal.

If you are a Ferengi fan, than you need Latinum! This lot has three different sizes of Latinum (Slip, strip and Brick maybe?) for all your greedy little needs.

And for you Klingon fans…

If you are a Klingon fan, there are a few choice pieces this week.

The Klingon Set Dressing is interesting, and looks like a sculpture. So I think this would look good on display anywhere.

There is also a Klingon Banner that will look great hanging in someone’s room. According to Jorg: “First of all: it was never seen in any Star Trek TV show and it’s upside down. It’s the Klingon banner seen under the judge’s cabin from the courtroom set in “Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country”.

There is also a Klingon Rura Penthe Mask and Lamp from Star Trek VI. I like these and I think they will go at a reasonable price.

Finally, there is a Klingon Belt for a Klingon costume.

As always, bid wisely, pace your purchases and good hunting!


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