It’s a Wrap eBay auctions – Week 4 results

Week 4

The fourth week of Star Trek auctions on eBay from It’s a Wrap Hollywood ended with 75 of the 100 lots selling. 25 lots didn’t hit the reserve price. This was an interesting week because it was an almost all “Enterprise” week, with every item in this weeks auctions being from Star Trek: Enterprise. But it also was a week when It’s a Wrap decided to put reserves on more auctions than ever, obviously not learning the lessons of the past week, when items that didn’t sell with reserves in week 1, sold without reserves in week 3.

No item better exemplified this than the “Phlox” space suit from “Enterprise”, which failed to hit reserve and went unsold at $ 5,600 . Now four of these sold in the Christie’s auction (Archer and T’Pol for $ 8,000 and Reed and trip for $ 8,500), and I am sure It’s a Wrap thought they would get the same for this one. The reserve was likely $ 8,000 or so based on It’s a Wrap setting reserves based on Christie’s sale prices. Now, if there was no reserve, the item would have sold for $ 5,600, which wouldn’t be bad, considering Phlox is not as important a character as any of the ones that sold at Christie’s, and there is simple not as big an audience now bidding on these items. Actually, the space suit might have sold higher. I would have bid $ 6,000 easy on it if I didn’t think there was an $ 8,000 reserve. These suits are MAGNIFICENT. I have seen the T’Pol, which Stephen Lane of the prop Store of London has on display. When it comes back on eBay (which it will of course), I will be going after it.

Again, the background player costumes that are from TNG, are selling at insanely high prices for non-named actor costumes. This week a red one sold for $ 1,994 and the costume didn’t belong to any main character! It was a background player costume. These items seem to be the most in-demand items in the auctions.

The Hoshi Sato at $ 1,800 was reasonably priced as was the Enterprise Phase Pistol and holster at $ 1,526. At Christie’s these Phase Pistols went for $ 3,600 before the buyer’s premium. Rounding out the top 5 was a model of the runabout s engine pod from DS9 which went for a respectable $ 1,353.

Now what was really interesting, is that a Terran Empire costume that went for $ 2,225 the second week, only fetched $ 1,000 two weeks later! And the Enterprise jumpsuits that were selling for $ 1,625 and $ 1,575 in Week 1, sold for $ 1,099, $ 910, $ 831 and $ 810. The trend is obvious and not good for It’s a Wrap, which surely has many more of these.

The highest priced item not to reach reserve was the Phlox Space Suit at $ 5,600. After that, a Maco jumpsuit only reached $ 560 and didn’t hit reserve. A Klingon Rura Penthe guard costume and two Andorian costumes also hit just over $ 500 each and they didn’t hit reserve either. Frankly, any reserve higher than $ 500 for costumes like these is really unrealistic. And the fact that there is so little interest in them means the audience on eBay is limited and without unlimited funds.

One of the highlights of this past week, which many collector’s missed, was the T’Pau costume from “Enterprise”. T’ Pau was an important character from the Original Series episode “Amok Time”. And her costume from that episode went for $ 45,000 at Christie’s. Here the one from Enterprise (granted about 40 years younger than its predecessor’s) sold for only $ 1,225. It is a significant costume from an important character in Star Trek lore.

Here are some prices realized and some sales that didn’t close because of high reserves:


Captain Archer Jumpsuit (distressed) $ 2,055

Next Generation Red Command Uniform $ 1,994

Hoshi Sato Jumpsuit $ 1,800

Enterprise Phase Pistol and holster $ 1,526

Deep Space Nine Runabout Engine Pod $ 1,353


“Phlox” Space Suit $ 5,600

Terran Empire MACO uniform $ 560

Klingon Rura Penthe Guard costume $ 355

Enterprise Andorian Captain uniform $ 506

Enterprise Andorian Soldier uniform $ 505

This week may be the most interesting week yet. Already a Seven of Nine costume is up to $ 2,900. And there are many costumes from Star Trek: The Motion Picture. A Guard costume from Star Trek III is a really nice and rare costume (only scene in that movie). It is missing the belt and has the wrong insignia, but none the less, very nice. There are many great costumes, but not a lot of great props this week.


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