Week 49 Results

You know, I could forgive IAW for their faulty descriptions, but considering the greatest authority on Star Trek props & costumes, the famous German Star Trek savant Jorg, has volunteered to help for free, this is just one more example of IAW turning down free help from more knowledgeable people that would make their auctions better.

Now, Colin and his team work hard (it is just Colin and Brian now) but still, Jorg, in about 30 minutes, identifies every mistake that IAW makes and posts photos showing its REAL use.HIRE JORG!

Star Trek: V Spock Camping Outfit at $ 4,225 was the best costume this week, but probably a bit high. We have seen a bunch of these and though this is the only one to have the Vulcan iconography on the shirt underneath, it is still a lot for a civilian costume. But a very cool jacket and very recognizable.

Star Trek:
V Kirk Climbing Outfit at $ 1,875 was about right. I mean HOW MANY of these do they have? Geez, we seem to see one every other week!

The Voyager Nevala Romulan Uniform $ 1,475 was a bit strong since the uniform has the wrong undershirt. It should have a black undershirt as seen in the episode. I love Romulan uniforms though, so cool none the less.

I really hate that IAW sells a stunt costume, but doesn’t put the word “STUNT” in the title. This gives certain less scrupulous collectors the opening to try and sell the item as a hero costume. And we know this happens. This is how fraud happens with costumes. The Data Starfleet Uniform at $ 1,427 suffers from this problem.

The DS9 Sciences Blue Uniform is a First Contact style that went for $ 1,275. These still go strong because they are beautiful and display well. Everyone should try and get one.

The two piece TNG Operations Gold Uniform also went for $ 1,275 and these seem to be holding their price. These are just kind of iconic, especially for all those legions of TNG fans.

The Chief Petty Officer Starfleet Uniform at $ 1,226 was pretty reasonable as this one was rather complete, even coming with boots.

The Starfleet cadet uniform lot was a steal at $ 1,091 was the best deal of the week as it had 3 uniforms! This came out to about $ 350 a costume, which was INSANE.

The Feature Film White Radiological Suit at $ 1,072 was about right, though the price on these is coming down and this one didn’t have boots.

The Tuvok Starfleet Uniform at $ 921 was an AWESOME deal. How did this get buy everyone? Wlel, maybe because of the crappy IAW description. “Sewn in tags in virtually every garment denote wear by Tim Russ. “? VIRTUALLY? There are only two pieces in this lot! What the hell is teh problem here IAW? Trying to pull a fast one, or you just don’t have a good command of the English language? ARRRGGGHHH!!!! I hate this crap! I can just see getting this uniform and the jumpsuit NOT having Russ tags and you try and return it and IAW giving you crap. No need for this to happen. I will assume both pieces do have tags and give this my Sleeper of the Week.

At $ 899, the Enterprise Command Gold Uniform was also a great deal. Now, female costumes go less than males, but these are pretty cool and so a great deal I think.

As far as props go:

The Enterprise Dr. Phlox Hand Scanners and case at $ 1,825 was the best prop this week. A relist, I have the hyposprays that are the companion piece to this and I have to say they make impressive displays.

The TNG Transporter LCARS Panel at $ 1,792 was in fact not from TNG, but from DS9 and the transporter console for the Defiant. A cool piece, but damaged.

I actually had this Romulan Disruptor Rifle in my possession after i won one from IAW, but returned it because it wasn’t the one in the auction I won. IAW promptly exchanged that for me and it wound up in the auction this week. There was nothing wrong with it, and so at $ 943, I think this was about right and where these have been going.

The TR-116 was a rubber stunt version and so not as nice as the resin one previously offered. At $ 911 though a very good deal and another example of the falling prices we see in the auction.

Finally, the Enterprise Starfleet Command Flag at $ 899 was a pretty good deal. very cool and these make great displays with your Starfleet uniforms.


Best Costume of the Week: Star Trek: V Spock Camping Outfit at $ 4,225

Best Prop of the Week: Enterprise Dr. Phlox Hand Scanners and case at $ 1,825

Best Buy of the week: The Starfleet cadet uniform lot was a steal at $ 1,091!

Worst Buy of the week: No bad deals this week!

Sleeper of the Week: The Tuvok Starfleet Uniform at $ 921 (assuming both pieces have Tim Russ tags)


Star Trek: V Spock Camping Outfit at $ 4,225

Star Trek:
V Kirk Climbing Outfit at $ 1,875

Star Trek: Enterprise Dr. Phlox Hand Scanners and case at $ 1,825

Star Trek:
TNG Transporter LCARS Panel at $ 1,792

Star Trek: Voyager Nevala Romulan Uniform $ 1,475

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