Week 52 Results

(51st week of IAW auctions)

While this is actually the 51st week of auctions, I am going to use the numbering system Burt came up with for his Star Trek Auctions Archive to keep consistent. Week 46 was an off week, thus the discrepancy. For the record, there have been 51 weeks of auctions.

The top costume this week was the TNG Sarek’s Robes at $ 2,750. This was a good deal I believe. Now looking at the Christie’s catalog, the meditation robe went for $ 2,800, so this one was right on target. My friend Mark won this, and I know he was willing to go much higher, so that was a good buy!

The Enterprise Orion Slave Girl Maras costume went for a surprising $ 2,363. This is a record for these costumes, with previous ones going for $ 699, $ 1,264 and $ 1,837. This wasn’t even the nicest of the costumes, so I think this was a bit steep. This was a first time buyer too!

The B’Lanna Torres Uniform Lot went for a reasonable $ 1,703. The Starfleet uniform even had the rank pip, which is cool. A good replica comm badge from Federation Surplus and you are set!

The Enterprise Malcom Reed Starfleet Uniform went for $ 1,453, and it had rank pips and boots, so I think this was very fairly priced. Main characters from Enterprise have been going in this range for a while.

The Early TNG Starfleet Uniform was a Sciences blue one and very nice. I have the Tasha Yar of this style and they display very well. At $ 1,450 this was a decent price, and went to another first time bidder.

The Enterprise T’Pol Costume was a bit weak, and so at $ 1,436 I think it just wasn’t very desirable. It was basically her uniform pants with a tank top.

The Dr. Bashir Starfleet Uniform was the Voyager style but sadly didn’t have a turtleneck undershirt. At $ 1,250 I think this was just a tad overpriced. The winner will need to get an undershirt to display with this costume (as well as pips and a Voyager Comm badge from the aforementioned Federation Surplus).

My best Aussie friend (actually my only Aussie friend!) Chrissy, won the Enterprise Starfleet Uniform at a reasonable $ 1,025. These are great uniforms that look good on simple displays like the costumers I have told you all about.

The Command Gold version went for $ 1,020. This is my favorite type, as the gold looks great against the blue of the uniform.

The Jem’Hadar costume and the “Feature Film Able Seaman” jumpsuit both went for a very cool $ 700 each.

As far as props go:

The Concept Drawings for Voyager were won by yours truly at $ 1,237. These are some of my favorite items. Ever since I bought the Star Wars Sketchbook by Joe Johnston, I have been in love with production artwork. John Eaves is absolutely my favorite and I love all his work. My very good friend Steve D’Errico even gave me a John Eaves original and is going to introduce me to Eaves when he gets time off from the new Star Trek movie.

The 24th Century Molded Phaser and Tricorder went for $ 1,145. This was pretty good as these two looked to be in good shape. These are the one piece foam versions that were for background players or stunts.

Captain Picard’s Damaged Computer Terminal went for a reasonable $ 1,051. This wasn’t so damaged that it won’t go back together and look great. A good prop at a good price.

The Enterprise Data Retrieval Panel went for $ 1,050. This panel was really beautiful with great detailing. This will look great on someone’s wall.

The Galactic Dilithium Spectrum PADD was a good deal at $ 1,031 as it lights up. Not a particularly beautiful example, but cool none the less.

My buddy Giles won the Nemesis Reman Medical Lot went for $ 878, which was a good deal because there were a few pieces to this lot.

The Earth Station McKinley Model was a great deal at $ 810. It didn’t look like much in its box, but I am sure it will look great on display and with some restoration will be very impressive. It gets my best deal of the week.

The Transporter Inhibitor at $ 790 was a good buy. This is a beautiful and detailed prop that just needs a metal rod to support it for display.

I also liked the Voyager Schematics lot. Things like this make for very different types of Star Trek items that appeal to different collectors. I know these have little interest for me, but my buddy Daryl loves this stuff. Different strokes they say.

I also won the Enterprise Andorian PADD for a measly $ 565!! I wanted the Shran PADD in week 27, but it went for an astronomical $ 2,425. There just aren’t that many Andorian PADDs around!

Finally, the Data Emotion Chip went to my buddy Jason and he got a great deals on it. It may have been in the deleted scenes, but still an important and very cool prop. And at $ 535 my Sleeper of the Week.


Best Costume of the Week: Star Trek: TNG Sarek’s Robes at $ 2,750

Best Prop of the Week: The Concept Drawings for Voyager at $ 1,237.

Best Buy of the week: The Earth Station McKinley Model was a steal at $ 810

Worst Buy of the week: No bad deals this week! Keep up the good work and the prices down!

Sleeper of the Week: The Data Emotion Chip at $ 535 was a very good deal on a very important prop.


Star Trek: TNG Sarek’s Robes at $ 2,750.

Star Trek: Enterprise Orion Slave Girl Maras costume at $ 2,363.

Star Trek: Voyager
B’Lanna Torres Uniform Lot at $ 1,703.

Star Trek: Enterprise Malcom Reed Starfleet Uniform at $ 1,453.

Star Trek: TNG Early TNG Starfleet Uniform at $ 1,450

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  1. I seriously envy you for snagging those gorgeous John Eaves Voyager concept drawings! I’d be absolutely thrilled if you’d scan and share them.

    Continued thanks for this fantastic blog, and best wishes for a happy new year.

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