It’s a Wrap eBay auctions – Week 54 Results

Week 54 Results

(52nd week of IAW auctions)

While this is actually the 52nd week of auctions, I am going to use the numbering system Burt came up with for his Star Trek Auctions Archive to keep consistent. Weeks 46 and 53 were off weeks, thus the discrepancy. For the record, there have been 52 weeks of auctions.

The Captain Sisko Starfleet Uniform Lot went for a very high $ 8,307. It was a beautiful costume that included the rare vest, a comm badge and pips. The boots weren’t for a Starfleet Uniform though. The best example we have seen so far. Austrian Forum member Josef Philip won it, an d so the devalued dollar helped him pay more than he otherwise would have he said.

The Star Trek movie: Class A Maroon uniform went for a hefty $ 3,750. Now, this did have Christian Slater elements, but the shirt and jacket inside were mismatched. None the less, these are iconic uniforms that are very much in demand. I am not sure how many IAW has left, but it can’t be many.

The Enterprise T’Pol Jumpsuit at $ 3,151 was pretty reasonable, compared to where these have been going. With Maharanidiva out of the picture, bidding has been much more reasonable for T’Pol items. I think this was a pretty good deal actually for a costume from a favorite character.

The Chief O’Brien Starfleet Uniform at $ 2,627 was pretty high, but these look great in Operation’s Gold. My buddy Dana really wanted this and paid strong, but this will look great on display. O’Brien’s costumes also are the only ones with the sewn in Chief Petty Officer rank on the undershirt.

The Nemesis Sciences Blue Uniform went for a healthy $ 1,212. These costumes are in demand because they look so good and were the standard of the last few movies and DS9.

The Spock Camping Outfit at $ 1,050 was a good deal. We have seen a few of these, and at this price, you simply can’t go wrong.

As far as props go:

The Enterprise E Bridge Console went for a hefty $ 6,800. One of the forum members bought this and paid high for it, but he has a matching one and so really wanted it. While I think that is a strong price, it is a piece of the Enterprise bridge, so it will hold its value I think.

The Enterprise Hero Communicator at $ 4,350 was a relist. The former top IAW winner, Maharanidiva failed to pay for this, and so it came up again. This was a beauty and worth every penny.

I won the Captain Sisko Briefcase which was a really important prop for me, since Sisko is my favorite Captain. At $ 1,564 I got it at a great price. Honestly I was prepared to go twice that.

The Enterprise Orion/Andorian Console went for a strong $ 1,483, which was a bit high I thought, but still fair for a great prop with multiple uses.

The Star Trek IX Cortical Scan PADD went for $ 1,375. A bit higher than what we have been seeing lately, but a fair price.

The Enterprise NX-01 Button Panels Lot at $ 1,325 was good because you got so many pieces. I am sure we will see more of these kind of lots.

The Andorian Wig and Antennae went for a strong $ 1,225. I wasn’t crazy about this one aesthetically, but it was cool from a special effects perspective with all the pieces.

The Captain’s Picard Tea Set went for $ 1,125. Well, Picard and tea go together, but this was a found item and many bidders who would have gone after this seem to be OK with just buying this from the store! Still, pretty cool.

The Enterprise Vulcan Book went for a strong $ 1,025. A bit of a surprise, as these are the type of props I think are coming down in value. Nothing very special about this and we have seen these before.

The Janeway’s Ready Room Sectional went for $ 998. Shipping will be tough on this one! But very nice.

The DS9 24th Century Dermal Regenerator went for a very reasonable $ 777 to my good buddy Dana. Not bad for a cool light up prop that has been seen often!

Prop prices are coming down a lot. Fatigue is setting in with bidders who have been at this a year now. Not enough new bidders are coming to the auctions and with 6 months to a year of auctions left, few have the staying power to keep bidding. Be patient on generic props as there is still a lot of stuff!


Best Costume of the Week: Star Trek: DS9 Captain Sisko Starfleet Uniform Lot at $ 8,307 was pretty expensive, but the best Sisko we have seen to date.

Best Prop of the Week: The Enterprise Hero Communicator at $ 4,350 was a knockout. A true beauty.

Best Buy of the week: The Spock Camping Outfit at $ 1,050 was a steal.

Worst Buy of the week: No bad deals this week! Keep up the good work and the prices down!

Sleeper of the Week: The DS9 24th Century Dermal Regenerator at $ 777 was a great deal on a light up prop that we saw many times.


Star Trek: DS9 Captain Sisko Starfleet Uniform Lot at $ 8,307.

Star Trek: Nemesis Enterprise E Bridge Console at $ 6,800.

Star Trek: Enterprise Hero Communicator at $ 4,350.

Star Trek movie: Class A Maroon uniform at $ 3,750.

Star Trek:
Enterprise T’Pol Jumpsuit at $ 3,151

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