It’s a Wrap eBay auctions – Week 57 Results

Week 57 Results

(54th week of IAW auctions)

While this is actually the 54th week of auctions, I am going to use the numbering system Burt came up with for his Star Trek Auctions Archive to keep consistent.

Wow, what a let down this past week was. Not a good selection at all and only 66 items. At least that gave some of us a breather! And while the selection was poor, the prices were down right cheap! We are certainly seeing the downward price pressure we have been discussing. It is getting harder and harder to impress us, especially with props.

The Enterprise Captain Archer Distressed Uniform at $ 2,245, was the top costume in a rather poor week of costumes. This was a bit high I think, but none the less, identifiable from the episode. This was especially high for a distressed uniform as previous ones have gone for $ 1,300-1,500.

The Star Trek: Voyager Neelx Costume (stunt) at $ 988 was a bit overpriced. As mentioned in my last blog post, I have a real issue with the way IAW is not noting the Stunt status in the title. Since IAW uses the Title for the COA, this costume could be marketed as a hero costume by simply removing the tags. Keep an eye on this one!

The Enterprise Tarkalean Borg from “Regeneration” costume at $ 965 was way overpriced. This just isn’t that cool a background costume to go for this price.

At $ 798, the Dr. Bashir Holosuite Costume was a good deal for a pretty cool pilot’s costume. This was one of the costumes Bashir and Miles would use when recreating the Battle of Britain in the Holosuite, and was won by a Pilot from the forum!

I really liked the Starfleet Command Security uniform. This had a distinct patch we haven’t seen before and at $ 765, this was a VERY good deal. I almost bid on it, but I am spending WAY too much on these auctions! Uniforms like this, that are different and unique are worth the money when you get them this cheap.

The Enterprise Crewman Cutler Uniform at $ 688 was a bit distressed, but a good deal for a character costume. I liked the little enlisted patch on this one.

A nice complete Feature Film Vulcan costume went for $ 530 and it had boots, which we don’t always see. These are all good values as Vulcan costumes have been very cheap lately.

Same goes for the Bajoran Milita costume at $ 515. A great deal for a complete costume!!

The 22nd Century Klingon Costume was also well priced at $ 455, though it had no boots. Still, these are very cool in person because of all the great fabrics they used.

As far as props go:

Well, I am the very proud owner of the light up Enterprise NX Beta Flight Control Panel, which closed at $ 2,147. Special thanks to Martin of Germany for backing off this item for me. I haven’t bought any set dressing yet, and when this was listed, I immediately know I had to have it for my future home theater. What is great is that this one lights up!!!

This was the third time the TNG Travel Isolinear Storage Assembly was sold, so this was a two time relisted item. At $ 1,628 it was about where it was previously. A nice prop that will look great on display I think.

The Enterprise Starfleet Medical PADD was a great deal at $ 935. My buddy Dana (What is that, maybe the 35th time I have said that about Dana?) won this prop and got a great deal. I know he has been looking for one for a while and so at this price, he did very well.

I won the Enterprise Sickbay Set Dressing lot along with three of my buddies from the Star Trek Prop Forum. No one needs ALL of these, so we split the 16 item lot four ways. At $ 815, a cheap way to get a representation of stuff from Phlox’s sickbay.

The Wilding Sickbay Table at $ 788 was a bit of a boring piece of set dressing. It didn’t do it for me, but was reasonably priced.

The DS9 USS Valiant Technology Analyzer was interesting and at $ 745 a fair price. I think $ 750 is the price range for most decent props now, down from twice that 6 months ago. We all know there are a ton of props and you have to be smart about what you spend money on.

The Fictional Mobile Emitter from the Voyager episode “Author, Author” was pretty cool. That was a great Voyager episode and so this prop is pretty cool. Not bad at $ 739.

The Planetary Geology PADD at $ 688 was a good deal and we see the prices on PADDs falling. Despite being labeled “distressed” this was a nice one.

I really hated the Voyager “Modified Grenade Prop” as it was basically a WWII Pineapple grenade with a chip stuck on it. At $ 686 I think it was way overpriced. I mean, it doesn’t even LOOK like it is from the future!

The Enterprise Vulcan PADD at $ 480 was a great deal as we don’t see many of these. Forum regular Lyn won this and I know she was happy at the price!

I also thought my buddy Daryl got a great deal on the Enterprise Missle Warhead from “Future Tense”. At $ 464 it is a good deal on a really intricate and beautifully detailed prop.


Best Costume of the Week: At $ 798, the Dr. Bashir Holosuite Costume was unique and interesting.

Best Prop of the Week: I have to give myself that award for the beautiful light up Enterprise NX Beta Flight Control Panel, at $ 2,147.

Best Buy of the week: Yeah, I get this one too. The Enterprise Taret (actually Takret) Captain’s costume at $315 was an absolute steal. It came with a holster and a hard rubber Vulcan pistol!

Worst Buy of the week: The Archer costume was way high, but I can’t really give it a Worst Buy award, so this one doesn’t get awarded this week.

Sleeper of the Week: The Enterprise Vulcan PADD at $ 480 was a steal for a rare PADD.


Star Trek: Enterprise Captain Archer Distressed Uniform at $ 2,245

Star Trek: Enterprise NX Beta Flight Control Panel at $ 2,147

Star Trek: TNG Travel Isolinear Storage Assembly at $ 1,628

Star Trek: Voyager Neelx Costume (stunt) at $ 988.

Star Trek: Enterprise Tarkalean Borg from “Regeneration” at $ 965

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