It’s a Wrap eBay auctions – Week 61 Results

Week 61 Results

(57th week of IAW auctions)

While this is the 57th week of auctions, It is listed as Week 61 to be consistent with the Star Trek Auctions Archive.

Forum member Star Trek Prop, Costume & Auction Forum members dominated the top end of this week’s auctions. If you aren’t a member of the forum, you aren’t in the know, so come and join!

The Voyager Captain Janeway Costume at $ 3,175 was a very good deal for a rare variant costume. Coming with a Comm Badge makes it even more reasonable. I would have guessed $ 4,000 on this. Any nice Captain’s costume under $ 4,000 is a good buy and this was a nice one.

I also loved the Enterprise Ambassador Soval Robes at $ 2,025. These are a great example of the quality of costume we saw from Robert Blackman and his team.

The TOS Technician Fisher jumpsuit at $ 1,895 was interesting and a relist. Any TOS item is interesting to see pop up in these auctions.

The Xindi Reptilian costume at $ 1,797 was about right, but sadly had no boots. These are Reman costumes from Nemesis with the cage added. Cool costume and a decent price.

There has been a rise lately in Romulan Senator’s robes and this week, the Nemesis style Romulan Senator robes went high again at $ 1,276. These robes were $ 500 for 6 months, and lately they have been going very high. This lot came with a TNG costume and a Romulan wig too, but those are throw ins.

The Travis Mayweather Arid Climate Uniform was a good deal and it came with both a rank pip as well as boots. These are nice costumes and at $ 1,180 priced right.

As far as props go:

Star Trek: TNG Enterprise D Shuttlebay Model at $ 3,050 seems quite high to me considering where other models have gone. The winner is a member of the Star Trek Prop, Costume & Auction Forum and a big model collector. I know he is quite pleased with his purchase, which is ultimately what is important, but I still think this model was quite high.

Star Trek: Voyager Hirogen Console at $ 2,445 was won by my buddy Dana. This was previously a Cardassian food replicator in DS9 and Dana wants to restore it back to that condition. I think this was a bit high for a console, but again, Dana was very happy!

The Enterprise Stunt Kir Shara Statue and Bag at $ 2,025 was also a relist, previously won by Maharanidiva, who left IAW with a bunch of unpaid items. Jordino, the winner, another Forum member, was the underbidder last time and this was relaly high on his want list. I think he got a good deal for an important Vulcan piece. Jordino is one of the top Vulcan collectors out there.

The Stellar Cartography PADD at $ 1,825 was an electronic version that Picard was using when Admiral Doherty came to visit in Insurrection. I think a fair price for a PADD that both worked and can be screen matched.

The Romulan Warbird Location Display Panel was a bit high I felt. LCARS are not rare and there are a ton of them, so these should be under $ 1,000 in my book. At $ 1,425 I felt this was way high.

The Nemesis style Type III Mark III Phaser Rifle is actually a Type 3c, but obviously IAW hasn’t read my article on Phaser Rifles. At $ 1,325 and with a broken sight, I think this was about right. The sight can easily be fixed, and overall the rifle was in good condition, so a good buy here.

At $ 1,281, I think the Voyager rounded Borg Computer Interface was a tad bit high. Like the LCARS above, there are so many pieces like this around, you shouldn’t b e paying high for any of these. Now, this wasn’t a bad price, but I think buyers need to be really smart with so many months of auctions left. This is a nice piece though and will look cool in someone’s home!

The Borg Neural Processor and Starfleet Phase Modulator are awesome props and I won the last set of these for over $ 1,700. At $ 1,252, this was a good deal for two great props from First Contact.

The Klingon Table Display from Blood Oath is a pretty cool and rather large. At $ 1,225 a good deal as it will make an amazing display on someone’s all. You will have to get a backlight for it, but well worth it.

The Large Klingon Banner at $ 910 was pretty cool and went to Martin from Germany, who is building a new home for his massive Star Trek collection.


Best Costume of the Week: The Voyager Captain Janeway Costume at $ 3,175 was a beauty.

Best Prop of the Week: While slightly damaged, the Enterprise Stunt Kir Shara Statue and Bag at $ 2,025 was an important and very cool prop.

Best Buy of the week: The Rear Admiral Norah Statie costume was worn by legendary actress Jean Simmons in the TNG epsiode “The Drumhead” which really is one of the very good, though not action packed TNG episodes. That makes this an important guest star costume and so I think my good friend from down under, Chrissy, got a great deal at only $ 315.

Worst Buy of the week: While I am tempted to give this to the Enterprise D Shuttlebay Model at $ 3,050, I think you can justify the price despite me thinking it high compared to where other models have gone. So none this week.

Sleeper of the Week: The Mayweather Starfleet Uniform – stunt was a great deal at only $ 535.


Star Trek: Voyager Captain Janeway Costume at $ 3,175

Star Trek: TNG Enterprise D Shuttlebay Model at $ 3,050

Star Trek: Voyager Hirogen Console at $ 2,445

Star Trek: Enterprise Ambassador Soval Robes at $ 2,025

Star Trek: Enterprise Stunt Kir Shara Statue and Bag at $ 2,025

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