It’s a Wrap eBay auctions – Week 62 Results

Week 62 Results

(58th week of IAW auctions)

While this is the 58th week of auctions, It is listed as Week 62 to be consistent with the Star Trek Auctions Archive.

Forum member Star Trek Prop, Costume & Auction Forum members dominated the top end of this week’s auctions. If you aren’t a member of the forum, you aren’t in the know, so come and join!

The top costume of the week was the
TNG Geordi LaForge Uniform and Visor Lot at $ 4,055. This was his costume from Generations and so I like it a lot because it was the only time was saw Geordi in this style uniform. The costume came with the VISOR as well as a comm badge, rank pips and boots, which makes it complete. A costume like this is very desirable and the resulting price is often more than the pieces due to a perceived higher value.

We saw a similar costume without the VISOR go for $ 1,582 in week 21, putting the VISOR/comm badge/pips premium at about $ 2,500. For a rubber stunt VISOR I guess that is about right, as I have to think a hero VISOR is well over $ 5,000 itself. Overall a decent buy (I must say).

At $ 2,180, the Ezri Dax First Contact Style Starfleet Uniform went about where previous versions have. Lyn from the Star Trek Prop, Costume & Auction Forum won this and I know she was happy with her catch! These are great looking costumes that look awesome on display.

The Dr. Crusher Naval Uniform at $ 1,726 was a good deal for a beautiful costume. This was about where the previous Data stunt version went for. These are pretty nice costumes and a good price for a costume with so much detail.

The T’Pol costume from “A Night in Sickbay” went for a very reasonable $ 1,300. T’Pol costumes are expensive in general, so this was a great deal, even though it wasn’t one of her regular jumpsuits, which all go over $ 3,000 minimum.

The Garak Stunt Costume was from “The Way of the Warrior” and also the costume used as the model for the Action figures! At $ 1,247 I think it was a tad high for a stunt costume, but not unreasonable as I think it is an important (though a bit loud!) Garak costume. Heck, Dave from the Forum outbid me on this one! The hero version went earlier this year for $ 4,250 (I was underbidder on that one too!).

I really liked (and again was outbid on) the TNG Starfleet Flag Officer’s costume at $ 1,135. This one was a beauty and came with rank pins and a comm badge (though broken). A great deal on a great looking costume that will look awesome on display.

The TNG Dr. Soong Costume from “Inheritance” was cool and wound up in another Forum member’s collection. At $ 1,081 it was about right for a Data fan.

The sixth Kirk Rock Climbing Costume was sold for a very reasonable $ 1,050. These have gone in various conditions for upwards of $ 3,600. One was even shill bid up to $ 2,900 (I am not saying by whom!) and then relisted 4 weeks later and sold for $ 1,680. At the closing price for this one of $ 1,050, I think it was a very good deal and the buyer should be pleased.

Finally, my good friend Chrissy from Australia scored the deal of the week when she stole the Insurrection/Nemesis Dress Uniform for $ 710! This was a crazy cheap price on a great costume. Way to go Chrissy!

As far as props go:

The Starfleet Style Desktop Computer was way over priced at $ 4,400. The photos were awful, and I have no idea why IAW didn’t have a decent phot of the entire prop. If this was Picard’s, it might be worth $ 5,000. But just a random one, is a $ 2,500 prop. How it got such a high price with such crappy photos is frankly beyond me!

The Enterprise E Turbolift controls went a bit high at $ 1,527. These were nice, but small. One had a cool graphic of the bridge on it. I think these should have gone at half of what they did.

The Hero Reman Rifle went for a healthy $ 1,225, which I think is a good price for a hero light-up version. I own one of these and they are beautiful pieces.

Commander Tucker’s Bulletin Board from his Quarters was a very nice piece with some great graphics. It came with more than was shown on the first photos, so if you spent the time reading through the description, you realized what a good lot this was.

The Voyager Briefing Room Chair went for a healthy $ 905, which I can;t argue with as these are nice chairs, and I would love to be able to use one for my desk at work!


Best Costume of the Week: The TNG Geordi LaForge Uniform and Visor Lot at $ 4,055.

Best Prop of the Week: Despite being way overpriced, the Starfleet Style Desktop Computer at $ 4,400 was the best prop.

Best Buy of the week: The Insurrection/Nemesis Dress Uniform for $ 710 was a STEAL!

Worst Buy of the week: The Starfleet Style Desktop Computer at $ 4,400 was WAY high.

Sleeper of the Week: The Star Trek: TMP Class B Security Uniform at $ 449 was a great deal.


Star Trek: TNG Starfleet Style Desktop Computer at $ 4,400

Star Trek: TNG Geordi LaForge Uniform and Visor Lot at $ 4,055

Star Trek: DS9 Ezri Dax First Contact Style Starfleet Uniform at $ 2,180

Star Trek: Generations
Dr. Crusher Naval Uniform at $ 1,726

Star Trek:
Enterprise E Turbolift controls at $ 1,527.

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