Week 9 Preview

All I can say this week is YUCK! As the auctions were unfolding this past Friday, all my friends and I could talk about is how bad the selection is this week. But it makes sense, as this coming Monday is the Star Trek special on The History Channel. Word is that It’s a Wrap is saving some of the best stuff for after this auction as they expect to get a big upsurge in bidders then. Not a bad strategy actually.

That being said, as of Monday night, only three items were above $1,000.

The Seven of Nine costume which previously failed to hit reserve at $5,032.99, is just over $2,500. The Star Trek Phaser Rifle from Nemesis which previously didn’t hit reserve at $2,025 is already at $2,125. And the Star Fleet Security costume from Star Trek III, which previously didn’t hit reserve at $1,026.89 is already over $1,500. What this shows is how bad an idea reserves are. They have worked against It’s a Wrap so far and these are the perfect examples of why. Two of three items that had reserves are already above where they finished previously.

Now, after these three items, there aren’t a lot of great items. Only three more are even above $ 500! The Enterprise Engineering Console is currently at $ 770. The “Zek” costume is at $ 760, and the Compression Phaser Rifle is at $ 522. Now I don’t particularly like the Engineering Console, and I think people pay way too much for props like these, but to each his own. The Zek costume is a gem, as I love DS9 and this was a great character. These Ferengi costumes are really beautiful. The Compression Phaser Rifle is rubber, and I hate rubber props because the crack and look crappy after a few years.

So where are the deals to be had? I like the Vulcan Robes. They are truly beautiful. Some of Bob Blackman’s work is truly outstanding (I mean it is all beautiful, but this is the best of the best). Like the Ferengi costumes, the fabric is amazing. (Ok, sorry to get all metro-sexual on you guys!).

Data’s costume from First Contact is awesome as well. Here is one of those rare, non-Starfleet Data costumes. It is seen prominantly in the movie and is pretty sharp. It is low right now, and could easily go under $ 1,000, which would be a steal.

The Klingon masks have gone for $ 5-600, and there is another one on now. I think these are great if you plan on buying a Klingon costume. Put your costume on a mannequin with one of these and it will make a great display.

The Tolian Soran costume is kinda cool. This is the guy who killed Kirk! The costume has a hole in it, which kind of detracts from it, but maybe a steal if it goes low.

The Excelsior Sleep Wear is a unique item. Not sure that I would want to display some PJs even if they are from the Excelsior though!

I also love the Borg Assimilation Device! A very cool prop. Who doesn’t love the Borg? It is pretty low right now. This will probably go higher, but worth a crack.


This isn’t a great week. But that means there are bargains to be had. Don’t overspend on things that aren’t core to your collection, but look for those bargains. I think there are some great deals to be had in the $ 400-800 range.

Good hunting!


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