It’s a Wrap Report Card – another view

As I take writing this blog as a serious journalistic exercise, I always endeavor to be accurate. I get lots of emails every day and today I got one from Jim Felicita, which gives a positive view on his experiences with It’s a Wrap. He especially praises Dominic who works at IAW and I have heard many positive things about Dominic and he deserves our praise. Here is what Jim wrote (reprinted with his permission)

Hi Alec,
First of all let me say that I love your Star Trek auction blog. I am a Star Trek fan but not an expert by any means and your comments have been extremely helpful to me. So far I have won 4 costumes from It’s a Wrap eBay auction.
My experience with Its a Wrap has been somewhat different from what you reported in that I have actually been pretty happy with their service. They have returned all my phone calls and e-mails within a day or two. I always ask for and e-mail only Dominic. I have found him to be very responsive, friendly and helpful. He has told me they listen to customers comments and they are trying to make things better.
I live in the LA area and I’ve been going to their store in Burbank and picking up the outfits I win in person. I call ahead, usually on Monday following the Friday auction. and I pick them up on Wednesday or Thursday. I always pay by cash, and even though the costumes are packaged I open and carefully inspect them (once they almost gave me an extra costume; I won two items and they were going to give me two boxes but both of my costumes turned out to be in one box!). The people in the back room at Its a Wrap! are very busy packaging and shipping outfits and props, and I have the impression they probably could use some more help…carefully packing and shipping all those items as well as bringing new items over from the warehouse is no small job. They have 2-3 people packing and shipping when I’ve been there, and they too have been very friendly and helpful to me – especially Ruben.
I realize not everyone can pick up their winnings and it is frustrating to wait a month to get your items, and that situation should be improved.
I think your comments are accurate with respect to the item selections, descriptions, tags etc. I too wish they would photograph the tags, as the tags make all the difference with some of these items. I also like their certificates of authenticity with photos of the items. I wish they included the description that was in the auction listing!
Anyway I want to thank you for your postings and I hope you will keep up the great work!
Best regards,
Jim Felicita
Huntington Beach CA

So I hope that gives everyone another perspective on IAW!


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