Over 1,000 visitors!

Well, last weekend we topped 1,000 unique visitors since I launched the blog! Thanks to everyone who reads the blog and those who have emailed me. I have made some good friends through this blog and hope it has served you all well.

I write this blog, not because I am some expert on Star Trek props, there are others who know more than me, but because there needs to be a resource for those of us who are new to the hobby. Prop collecting is a rather new and very small hobby and there is not only enormous secrecy between collectors (something that I do not think serves the hobby well) but there is a huge amount of fraud. Information is the key to not getting ripped off. And while we know that the Its a Wrap auctions are legit, I think many of us are looking at Star Trek Props beyond IAW and I want to make sure we are all well informed and support each other to make this hobby fun…what it should be.

Thanks to everyone!


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