Profiles “Dreier Collection” Auction Preview

This weekend, Profiles in History will hold the auction for The Dreier Collection.  The Dreiers are of of the premier Hollywood movie memorabilia collectors in the country, and after years putting together an amazing collection, they have decided to sell the entire collection.  
Now their collection has a lot of good Star Trek items from TMP on. The breadth of the collection is good.  Lots of key costumes, almost every type of Phaser weapon, tricorders.  It is a good representation.  So there is something for everyone I think.
The Dreier Collection auction happens Saturday July 28th at 11:00am and you can download the catalog here.  The auction is held on iCollector and  you can register and bid here.
And, as I always say about Profiles in History, what is the provenance?  If you are interested in any of these items, you call Brian or Fong at Profiles up (both awesome, friendly guys) and you ask them for details. 

Lot # 188 Borg Costume   
This is a beauty and should hit $ 10,000 easy I think.  What is special is the mannequin and the makeup to make the costume complete.  It appears to be an IAW item, but again, if you want to spend the big $, you better call Profiles and check on the provenance.

Lot # 195 Picard Jumpsuit
An opening bid of $ 6,000, this costume is headed over $ 10,000.  It is the best known Picard costume I think, and more desirable than the later, two piece costume.  I would trade my Picard “Generations” Veridian III costume for this AND pay $ 5,000 in a heartbeat just to have this version.  My guess is this will be hotly contested.
Lot # 197 Picard Tunic
You know I think of these costumes as one piece that comes apart (yeah, makes no sense, but that is how my brain works!).  So the tunic without the pants just doesn’t work for me. That being said, I think this is maybe a $ 5,000 item.
Lot # 201 “Worf” Bat’Leth
I assume there is no provenance stating this was used by Worf, so the fact it is metal would be what leads one to assume it was used by Worf.  But if you are serious, you should call Profiles.
Lot # 220  Enterprise “E” Captain’s Chair
Acquired at the Christie’s Star Trek Auction where it sold for $ 62,400 (including BP), this chair will get maybe half that.  It isn’t iconic like a TV chair and the excitement of Christie’s has worn off. 
I strongly urge you to download the catalog.  Besides that there is so much good stuff you should check everything out.  The whole Dreier catalog is pretty awesome.
And tomorrow I will publish a preview of the regular Hollywood auction Profiles is holding the same weekend.

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  • April 4, 2013 at 3:14 pm


    As you will recall from the Christie's auction I really wanted the enterprise E chair for the theater back in Atlanta. Well I saw your post and was a telephone bidder on the chair and guess what I got the chair at 56% off the christie price. The chair will look great with the enterprise e consoles. I need some advice on my archer captain chairs. Thanks for the post.


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