Well Profiles in History has been the leading source for Star Trek props and costumes for years. Sometimes their sources have been questionable. Much of what they have sold came out the back door at Paramount by two guys well known in prop circles. Other items came directly from HMS, the prop house that made props for TNG, DS9, Voyager and the movies (before being replaced by ISS).

Auction lot # 1225 is described as a TR-116 sniper rifle from DS-9. It is CLEARLY not. Here is the rifle offered by PiH:

Problem is it is NOT a TR-116. Here is a TR-116:

The PiH version doesn’t have the micro-transporter at the front, nor the trackball behind the trigger, nor the metal shroud on the top. The PiH version is painted incorrectly for the TR-116 and has additional ribbed appliqués over the grip and in front of the trigger.

It is clearly not the TR-116, and is in fact the basic rifle that was modified to be the TR-116, which also served as a Breen rifle and various alien rifles.

For more info on inaccurate PiH listings by the world famous Jorg, go to the Star Trek Prop, Costume & Auction Forum and look under the “auctions” thread. (PiH and IAW should both wise up and hire Jorg).



UPDATE: A collectors sent this info to PiH and they basically blew him off. Stories of inaccurate descriptions not being corrected appear on the Movie Prop Forum as well.

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