One thing everyone should know about this Profiles in history auction is that the consignor of most of these items used to work at Propr Effects, one of the prop houses who did work for TNG, DS9 and Voyager. Now, that both supports the originality of these pieces and also opens up the chance that some of these props were NOT production made. Some of these may have been made from the original molds after the production wrapped, making them much less desireable in the eyes of most prop collectors. Hard to say, but I will cover this much more in Part 3.

On to more props. There are a bunch of props that are more common that what I talked about in my last post, but are still sharp.

Lot 1214: The Klingon Tricorder This is from DS9 and rare, but a bit over priced in my book. This might be worth $ 3,500, but for the bidding to start there is crazy. With everything coming out from IAW and Christie’s, there is too much supply and people are getting wise. I doubt this sells as with Buyer’s premium, it is $ 4,200 at the opening bid!!!

Lot 1221: Romulan Disruptor from TNG and Lot 1237: Romulan Disruptor from DS9

Both of these are good examples of the Romulan Disruptor. They are in different colors, because of the different shows, but both look good. I like the darker one better. Both are resin and should go in the $ 1,000 range. FYI, I paid $ 1,.200 for mine from the winner of a lot at Christie’s.

Lot 1235: Hero Romulan Disruptor Rifle from DS9

This is a brand spanking new version of this gun. It is in mint condition, which would lend one to think it was never used. It also has a different paint job than every single one we have seen from IAW. IThough definitely out of the original molds, the paint job and the condition, lead one to question if this was production made. The Profiles example is shown in the top photo. The bottom photo is what every example from IAW has looked like. IAW has sold ab out 6 of these. The difference is mostly the brown color on the part that goes from handle to the front, around the Gold inset. Also the details on the Gold inset are black in the Profiles version and the same brown as the body in the IAW versions.

Lot 1226 Stunt Boomerang Phaser from TNG

It’s rubber, so expect cracking and deterioration over time. Though it appears in good shape, I think it is an overpriced starting bid. I mean $ 720 with buyer’s premium to start? This is an $ 800 prop considering Michael Moore from HMS says there were probably over 150 made. I got a resin one for under a grand.

1232: Static Starfleet PADD

Not thrilled with this one. There are much nicer versions from IAW. It didn’t have great eye appeal. Michael Moore said there were probably over 1,000 PADDs made since TNG.

1213 Space Dock Miniature

A nice model that you don’t see often. Simple, but cool. Already 4 bidders, so I am sure this will see some action.
Lot 1223 The Angosian Ship Miniature

I like that it has been mounted. The detailing looks cool and I think this is pretty sharp. But the price is already at $ 6,000 with buyer’s premium, and I am not convinced it is worth any more.

Lot 1241 The Doctor’s Mobile Emitter

This doesn’t match any screencaps I have seen, nor does it match the one in Adrian from the UK’s collection, which has solid provenance. The color is too light and the circuit board is wrong compared to Adrian’s. Michael Moore says that HMS started making these after the 3rd season and this isn’t one of those. So this has to be from Propr Effects, making it harder to prove its authenticity.
(edit: My bad, the color in the photo is correct, but in person, it is about 6 shades darker than this, which is wrong.)

OK, well, that is enough for now. I am in new York for the day and off to another meeting! I will finish this off with Part 3 late tonight on the items that I think have issues.


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