Propworx suing Tiana Armstrong for Fraud, Breach of Contract

Last year Propworx was involved in a series of Star Trek prop sales with prop dealer Tiana Armstong of Hero Prop LLP.  Unfortunately, these transactions did not go as anticipated and Propworx is now suing Tiana Armstrong for fraud and breach of contract. 
The fraud claim we filed is based the the fact that Tiana claimed she only charges 20% to sell an item, but in fact, she was selling my items for 2-3 what she said she was and pocketing the difference. 
As to the breach of contract claim, Tiana asked me to bring a seller to the table to match with her buyer, much like a real estate deal.  I brought in Jarrod Hunt, who had worked for me for 8 years before starting his own prop company, to be 50-50 partners with me on my part of the deal.   But in the middle of the negotiations, Tiana and her partner went around my back to Jarrod and they agreed to cut me out of the deal, worth hundreds of thousands in fees.  So I am suing her and her company for breach of contract. 

So that is the high level of the lawsuit.  Feel free to contact me if you want more information.

Alec Peters

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