The Christie’s Star Trek Auction – Day 2

Friday, October 6th – Day 2

Day two was the day I was looking forward to as Deep Space Nine items lead off the auction. I am a huge DS9 fan and Avery Brooks had made a surprise appearance Thursday, and I had to track him down and have my photo taken with him (I am such a geek). But considering he is my favorite Captain, it was well worth it.

The bidding started and I had my eye on a few Sisko items; his sextant and Jake Sisko’s book from “The Visitor” one of the best DS9 episodes. But the crazy bidding on props continued and a set of Twenty Empty Bottles and Glasses from Quark’s Bar went for an insane $ 7,500. Worse still, two infirmary signs went for the same! Who are these people??????

Well, I got blown out on the sextant as it went for $ 7,000 and I let Jake’s book go as it went for $ 2,400 and there were better items coming up. If you are a DS9 fan you know what a Self Sealing Stem Bolt is, but at $ 1,700 it was bit more than I wanted to pay.

The costumes came up and I waited till the one costume I wanted came up, the Ben Sisko black and grey Starfleet Uniform. Now these are my favorite of all the DS9 Starfleet Uniforms. They have a great look and you can tell the fabric is heavy and very sturdy. I started the bidding and kept my paddle up as others big against me. The bidding past $ 4,000 and I started to worry, but the bidder who was going against me was taking a bit more time to top my bid. $ 5,000 was probably my max, and as my $ 4,600 bid was topped, I kept my paddle up, bidding $ 5,000. Pause…… bid……going once……going twice…. (I am holding my breath….PLEASE don’t bid)…..and the auctioneer drops the hammer and it is mine! Dana pats me on the back and I am happy as can be. My first Star Trek uniform and my favorite Captain’s as well!

Dana and I went in on a few lots but we kept getting outbid. One time we had the high bid on a lot of costumes, but the auctioneer (a Brit they flew in for the auction) took so damn long to drop the hammer, we got outbid and didn’t want to go any higher.

Big prices were had for the Deep Space Nine primary shooting model at $ 110,000 and the Defiant at $ 85,000. But the auction of the day was Picard’s Ressikan Flute, which everyone knows from “The Inner Light” , one of the best Next gen episodes of the entire series. It went for an amazing $ 45,000!

After the auction, Dana invited me out to dinner with the prop collectors he knows, mostly a group of Brits from London and a few yanks. We head out to a sports bar on Restaurant Row and I get to meet Andy, Stephen, Bill, Rob, Tim, Dave, Adrian, Brandon and the crew. What a great group of guys and what serious collectors! Adrian had won the Voyager primary filming model earlier in the day. A super bunch of guys and I am just amazed at the knowledge and collections these guys have. Rob Klein especially is a long time collector who works in Hollywood and knows EVERYTHING about props. The guy is a living depository of knowledge about props and costumes.

After dinner a beer and then off to bed while the Brits go enjoy NY (much to Dave’s chagrin as I would find out tomorrow). I retire with a smile knowing I have snagged probably the one item I wanted most.

Below: The gang in front of the Enterprise “A” model. The girl on the right was our favorite auctioneer (who dropped the gavel on my costume too).

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