My good buddy Anthony bought a miniature version of the Radiaological suit from the feature films while we were in Vegas so he and his son could have matched costumes. Now this suit was used in the background of some of the engineering scenes, because the long axis of the engineering hull was built in forced perspective and so they used kids in tiny radiological suits in the background. You can see one between Scotty and Decker here:

Well, Anthony’s son Michael is having a blast in the suit and will probably be quite an actor. Here he is hamming it up for the camera in his suit!

The serious actor shot

In action!

The agony!

Michael and his dad in front of an Enterprise Air Lock

I finally figured out a good reason to get married and have kids! So you can dress up with them and play Star Trek!


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  1. Great post–both educational and entertaining. Enjoyed seeing Anthony and Michael in their matching suits. Thanks.

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