The Star Trek Theater

Well, many of you know that when the Menagerie was being presented on the big screen in November, a group of us here in Atlanta got together and went to see it. Before that though, we met at Gary’s house to watch Star Trek II: TWOK in his AMAZING home theater! As you may know, he used original Star Trek set pieces to craft the ultimate Trek home theater. The captain’s chair is Archer’s, the Nav and Helm consoles are from the Enterprise E, there are TNG Enterprise wall panels all around, and a DS9 monitor above the door.

Well, here are the photos!

The Gang before the showing. Daryl, John, Jeff, Rob, Gary and me.

The view from behind the Captain’s chair

How would you like to watch Star Trek from Archer’s chair?

These are the actual Enterprise E bridge Nav and helm consoles!!!

Thanks to Gary for a great start to our Star Trek day. It was a blast taking turns watching the movie from the big chair!


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